Cinematic storytelling

We specialize in capturing breathtaking and truly immersive images while adding value to your production. We are highly trained and experienced in filmmaking and bring innovative and dynamic aerial opportunities to life that were previously thought impossible.

Why work with us?

SkyPixel Media is fully focused on delivering storyline driven content through breathtaking imagery and sound design. We shoot on RED Epic Dragon and are skilled commercial drone operators in compliance with the FAA- fully insured and licensed.

We are experienced in all forms of cinematography from concept storyboarding to on site shooting. We are used to working under tight deadlines and always look forward to a challenge.


We have FAA 333 Exemption and are certified aerial pilots. Our trained staff can film in tight areas and challenging situations.


We work with an extreme attention to detail. Every shot counts to tell your narrative and we don’t skimp on anything.


The difference between mediocre and engaging content is the eye of the videographer. All our operators are skilled and experienced at capturing the best shots from your environment.